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Rooted in the belief that hard work and dedication would have a positive impact on his family’s way of life and move them ever closer to attaining the American Dream, Roberto C. Lugo decided to make the maritime industry the vessel that would make his dreams and those of his family come true.

Taking Lugo Welding Service from a one man business with a welding rig in the mid-1980’s to a world- class operation now known as RCL Marine, LLC has been the crowning achievement for Mr. Lugo. Turning over the main operations to his sons at the dawn of the 21st century marks another milestone for Mr. Lugo and now he and his sons look forward to the future. We invite you to continue to be a part of the success of the Lugo Family as a world-class procurement, logistics and transportation solutions provider for the next 100 years.

To those who have made our success possible, we thank you. To those who have just come aboard, we welcome you. To all, we pledge our continued commitment to the best level of service possible and we thank you for entrusting our team with your projects.


Maritime Operations
The backbone of the RCL Team has been the logistical planning and executing of scopes of work involving the shipping of cargo by barge and ocean going vessels
Rail Operations
The RCL Marine Team has always prided themselves on being the last to know and the first to go when the call is taken for the loading and securing of cargo on railcars. Whether the cargo was loaded directly to the railcar using ship’s gear or whether the cargo was loaded using shore cranes or gantry systems, RCL Marine is always instrumental in doing the job right the first time.
Project Management
Heavy Hauling and Heavy Lift Capabilities
Being able to see the cargo, such as a transformer being loaded on a railcar can be beneficial when trying to decide if the loading is within allowable clearance tolerances provided by the railroad. Drawing the cargo along with the railcar gives the customer and inspectors peace of mind that everything possible has been done to ensure a successful final inspection. RCL Marine provides in-house engineering and design with accreditation in multiple States as Professional Engineers.
With the ability to create and design our group also has the ability to fabricate what we design in house. Our certified 6GR Welders with the combination of our PE (Professional Engineer) complement each other for your projects.
Over The Road Transportation (OTR) Services

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Maritime Operations
  • Provide barge rates for US, Mexico & Canada Projects
  • Project Management
  • Design and Fabrication of Weight Distribution Systems and Elevated Stows for Ro/Ro Operations
  • Provide Stow Plans for the Proper Placement of Cargoes based on allowable deck space
  • Welding and Fabrication of Tiedown and Securing Devices to prevent the cargo from shifting while In-Transit
  • Plan and Calculate Ballast Operations for cargoes that must be maneuvered without the use of Cranes due to restrictions of the Loading or Unloading Sites
  • Provide Lashing Labor and Materials for the Securing of Cargo
  • Provide Gas Free and Hot Work Permits to prevent fires and/or explosions on board vessels while working along the Water Front as per Coast Guard and National Fire Institute Regulations
  • Provide clean up of barges before loading and after cargo has been discharged, to include the sealing of man ways, removal of debris and rust proofing of areas where welded securing devices were removed
Rail Operations
  • Railcar cleaning prior to loading
  • Railcar layout and marking of Cargo Center of Gravity Marks in relation to the centers of the railcar both longitudinally and transverse
  • Place securing devices on railcars as per the Association of American Railroads (AAR) – Open Top Rules and Regulations
  • Assist Class 1 Railroad Inspectors with final inspections to ensure that all lashing and securing has met AAR Regulations so that the cargo can be routed to its final destination
Project Management
  • Real time tracking and monitoring of cargoes throughout the transportation process, ensuring transit times are minimized and provide final reports with time lines and project photographs
  • Supervise the loading of heavy lift and project cargo for proper placement to ensure cargo safety
  • Pre-inspection of barges/vessels prior to loading, ensuring readiness to receive cargo. Verify compartments are clean, dry and suitable for specified cargo
  • Cargo inspection and reporting of condition at origin, after delivery to dock and prior to loading. Verify piece count against packing lists, make corrections in handling to prevent and/or minimize risk of damage during handling, stowage and securing
  • Dispatch personnel to any port in the world and provide on-site monitoring of loading and unloading operations and transportation to final destination, as required by the terms of sale
  • F.E.A. (Finite Element Analysis)
  • Spreader Bars & Lifting Skid Frames
  • Design of Elevated Stow (Jack Stands, Shipping Beams & Steel Mats)
  • Engineering and Securing Diagrams as per AAR Regulations
  • Route Studies based on origin and destination
  • Staff Trained in Open Top Loading Rules by Class 1 Railroads
  • Fabrication of Spreader Bars and Lifting Skid Frames
  • Fabrication of Elevated Stow Items for Ro/Ro Operations
OTR Services
  • Offer FTL/LTL and hot shot services throughout the USA, Mexico and Canada
  • Provide OTR permits for heavy and project cargo as needed
  • OTR private and local law enforcement escort services to include bucket trucks and utility line coordination
  • Available fleet includes dry vans, flat bed, step decks, double drops and multiple axle air ride equipment
Heavy Hauling and Heavy Lift Capabilities
  • Transportation of heavy lift and project cargoes with the use of prime movers & modular hydraulic trailers
  • Jack & slide systems for loading and unloading cargoes in difficult locations
  • Hydraulic gantry systems used to handle cargoes in areas where overhead obstructions are an issue
  • Ro-Ro Equipment for barge operations


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